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Whether you earn your income from your business, salary, incentive compensation and bonus structures, research and consulting activities, real estate and investments or a combination of the above it is essential you are educated and informed on the tax implications and the multitude of strategies, elections and options that may be available to you to defer, eliminate and/or postpone associated tax liabilities, and avoid expensive and unnecessary year-end surprises. 


Going it alone or working with a tax professional singularly focused on preparing your tax return with little regard for the tax implications of decisions you are making throughout the year often results in the payment of unnecessary taxes that could have been "planned away" and frustrating and expensive year-end surprises and tax inefficiency.

With deep expertise advising individuals at all stages of their financial journey you can be confident we have the expertise to empower you to:


  • Take control of your financial affairs with ease

  • Proactively plan for and achieve superior tax efficiency

  • Create, update, refine and assist you achieve tax budgets

  • File flawless tax returns capturing every deduction and credit earned and deserved

  • Avoid expensive year-end surprises

  • Decrease the probability of an audit

  • Met quarterly estimated payment requirements

Services include:

  • Federal and state tax return preparation

  • Tax strategy and advanced tax planning for high-income earners 

  • Multi-case tax projections and scenario analysis

  • Designing, refining and achieving tax budgets

  • Planning incorporating compensation, benefit and retirement plans 

  • Deferring, eliminating and/or offsetting taxable income 

  • Strategies to defer, eliminate and/or offset taxation on large equity award positions

  • ​Real estate and sophisticated investments

  • Planning with irrevocable and revocable trusts 

  • Quarterly tax management 

  • Financial and retirement planning  

  • FBAR tax filings

  • Representation before the IRS and state tax authorities 

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