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Working Together


Business is competitive and tax laws are multi-faceted, ever-changing and highly complex.

Whether your business is a corporation or pass-through business entity it is essential to have a proactive and committed CPA & trusted advisor savvy in business and federal and state tax laws committed to your success.


With deep expertise advising new and established professional services businesses and businesses in diverse industries you can be confident we have the expertise to empower you to:


  • Manage accounting and financial affairs with ease 

  • Be proactively educated and informed on strategies and elections

  • Increase tax savings and tax efficiency

  • File flawless tax returns capturing every deduction and credit earned and deserved 

  • Avoid year-end surprises

  • Decrease the probability of an audit

  • Maximize the benefits of pass-through business ownership  

  • Met quarterly estimated payment requirements

As each business is unique we place special emphasis on understanding the financial and tax structures, needs, interests and concerns of the business and each shareholder, partner and/ or member to ensure our recommendations and solutions take the needs, interests and objectives of all parties into consideration.  


 Services include:

  • Corporate, partnership, LLC and sole proprietorship tax return preparation

  • Advanced tax planning

    • Maximizing the 199A QBI 20% deduction

    • CA pass-through entity tax elections

    • Compensation, retirement plans and fringe benefits

    • Home office deductions

    • Depreciation

    • Related party transactions

    • Tax credits

  • Legal entity selection

  • Layered business structures

  • Representation before the IRS and state tax authorities 

  • Business consulting

  • Bookkeeping and accounting services​​

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