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Tax Services

We maximize client value through our strategic approach to tax planning which focuses on thoughtful tactical and strategic multi-year Federal and State tax liability and effective tax rate planning, minimization and management for individuals, professional families and closely-held business entities headquartered in California. 


Our approach is unique, we take the time to engage clients in proactive strategic and tactical tax planning and effective tax rate goal setting supported by robust current and multi-year tax projections based on enacted Federal and State tax laws We shine in partnering with clients early on to design, quantify, evaluate, continuously measure, manage and control the tax impact of financial decisions ensuring financial decisions are made timely, strategically and intelligently factoring in alternative courses of action, the multi-year tax impact of selected decisions and the elimination of negative year-end surprises.

We also prepare our clients Federal and State tax returns and quarterly tax estimates in a secure, seamless cost and time efficient paperless environment leveraging state-of-the-art technologies from Intuit, including Lacerte - the industry "gold standard". For clients preferring a paper-based process, we are happy to accommodate their needs and preference. 

Whether we are in the beginning or final quarter of the year or in between, engage us for a strategic tax planning and effective tax rate projection review and analysis review, and tax preparation consultation. We will invest the time necessary to understand your needs, identify opportunity and share how we can assist you raise the performance bar and optimize your family's personal and - or business potential.