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Rock Formations on the Beach


Many things in life are best left to the experts. Your tax strategy and plans, the preparation of a flawless tax return capturing every deduction and credit earned and deserved and the growth and protection of your evolving personal and/or business net worth are no exception.


In fact, relying on experts is essential for those that don't have the time, expertise or committed interest to investing large blocks of time, energy and effort to stay current with ever-changing tax laws and relevant strategies, options and elections that may be available to assist them plan for and achieve superior levels of tax efficiency and tax savings potential.  

With deep expertise and years of experience assisting individuals and closely-held businesses skillfully plan, manage and control their financial affairs and responsibly minimize their tax liabilities to the lowest levels possible scheduling a Consultation and 2023/24 Tax Review & Planning Session to learn if there are significant gaps between the approach that got you where you are today and where you want to be on Dec 31 2023 and beyond may be one of the best financial decisions you make this year.


How much can you save? We'll let you know. Simply reach out to our office to get our conversation started. 

Welcome to Cobalt PacWest | CPAs & Tax Advisors.

Natalie C. Papagni, CPA


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