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Cobalt PacWest provides multi-year tax strategy/planning, tax modeling and analysis, tax plan implementation and federal and multi/single state tax return preparation filings for individuals, including upwardly-mobile technology, operations and communications professionals and executives with Apple, Google, LinkedIn, etc. with lucrative incentive-based compensation packages, side pass through business ownership and/or residential real estate rental income streams.  For clients with overseas bank accounts, we additionally prepare annual FBAR filings. 


In 2021 the tax landscape will be shifting for individuals in the top 5% ($330,000 - $790,000) and top 1% ($790,000 +) in income. For upwardly-mobile professionals and executives in, or expecting to soon be in, these tiers tax strategy is  essential. 

Professionals and executives without the time, interest or expertise in tax law and tax strategies applicable to their unique evolving financial and tax structures leverage our expertise, plans and models to proactively understand their options, execute smart, timely and effective financial decisions minimize multi-year tax cash outflows and effective tax rates at levels producing an attractive return on investment (ROI).    

Our quarterly tax modeling update and refinement process allows us to, at year end,  seamlessly prepare our clients Federal and single/multi-state tax returns capturing all deductions and credits planned for, earned and deserved in full compliance with all federal and state tax laws.

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