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Leveraging Tax Laws to Transform 2020 COVID-19 Life Disruptions into Tax Savings

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

In early 2020 COVID - 19 ushered itself into the U.S. - disrupting every aspect of the knew - our freedom and mobility, our workplaces and our community.

As Tax Strategists and strategic thinkers, the setbacks an obstacles beg the question - can there be a silver lining the life changes and chaos many are experiencing that weren't on their 2020 agendas or in their 2020 general and tax cash outflow budgets? For many - absolutely.

In 2020, clear "winners" - those that can find a silver lining - will be many Silicon Valley executives and professionals. Why? Most have unique overall financial, compensation and tax structures, a strategic mindset, borderline obsession to understand what it is they do not yet know and take prompt action and utilize this knowledge to minimize tax and other cash outflows.

For individuals with certain financial, tax and household structures and work arrangements there are a multitude of tax laws and tactical/ strategic tax moves many are and/or will be well-positioned to leverage that can “turn lemons into lemonade" at a time when leveraging such moves can make a measurable impact - and you deserve to know.

Are You in Control Mid-Year 2020?

- Ask Yourself the Following Questions -

If any of the below apply to you - it's time to get our conversation started. As many tax moves / strategies and plans take time to implement exploring and quantifying your tax cash-flow savings options and 2020 financial plans in Q3 is one of the wisest financial decisions you can make during this crisis.

1) your financial life is currently has been or may be significantly impacted by the unforeseen events taking place this year,

2) 2020 financial and tax projections prepared in Q1 2020 - likely now grossly out-of-date have not been since updated to factor in new information and multi-scenario and multi-year tax moves in your court that can benefit you most,

3) you are seriously evaluating saying goodbye to California and the California Franchise Tax Board in 2020/21,

4) you have been or may be working remotely from outside of California's borders in 2020,

5) you have or may be taking on an out-of-state work assignment through 2021 under and employment contract,

6) you have one or more residential real estate property rentals (collecting or not collecting rent under the eviction moratorium),

7) a job change, entrepreneurial side business, sabbatical or retirement is now a line item on your 2020 agenda, or

8) you have a substantial concentrated position of vested stock (>$500,000) from your current or previous employer you aren't diversifying primarily due to capital gains tax concerns

Next Steps

Let's Get Our Conversation Started

Contact us for a 30-40 minute confidential and complimentary consultation via phone, Zoom or at our Redwood Shores or affiliate San Francisco and Mountain View locations.

As experts in the field we will efficiently understand your situation, answer your questions, and evaluate how, when applied to your situation and forward options Federal and California state tax laws and strategic tax moves may be able to moderately to significantly improve 2020/21 personal financial performance, and minimize 2020/21 tax cash outflows.

A simple conversation may prove 2020 offers hidden silver linings that can financially offset year-to-date set-backs brought on by COVID-19 or simply ensure you have the information you need to execute smart, timely and effective financial decisions to ensure you optimize 2020 personal financial performance and tax cash outflow minimization potential.


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