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10 Reasons Executives and Professionals are Launching Side Business Entities in Q4, 2022

Executives and professionals are launching businesses structured as an LLC, S-corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship at a record clip (Does contributing $ 66 k vs 22.5 k to a 401k with the opportunity to roll a significant percentage to a Roth, or contributing to a Roth with pre-tax dollars sound good?).

In episode # 1 of The Silicon Valley Tax Podcast we discuss 10 reasons you may want to establish a side business entity to boost your family's personal financial economy, and add agility, flexibility and dimension to your lives.

Cobalt PacWest | CPAs & Advisors

Natalie C. Papagni, CPA

Principal & Tax Strategist

3000 El Camino Real, Bld 4, Suite 200

Palo Alto, CA 94306

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