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Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

With over a decade serving board-certified healthcare professionals, Cobalt PacWest specializes in assisting Physicians and Healthcare professionals, including veterinarians, chiropractors and physical therapists  in private practice and with leading healthcare organizations, medical centers and professional groups efficiently manage their financial affairs, strategize, plan target and achieve their tax savings potential, and efficiently prepare their personal and business tax returns. For select medical corporations, we provide CFO advisory, accounting and tax compliance services. 

Entrepreneurs, Shareholders, Partners and LLC Members

Cobalt PacWest assists new and established entrepreneurs, shareholders, partners and LLC members in diverse industries manage their financial affairs, strategize, target and acheive earnings potential, maximize the benefits of business ownership, acheive superior tax efficiency and exapnd their net worth. 

University Faculty

Cobalt PacWest assists University faculty included tenured professors, professors, researchers and scholars earning salary and often income grants, royalties, side business ventures and speaking engagements efficiently maximize earnings potential, manage their financial affairs, strategize, target and acheive maximium tax efficiency to grow and protect their net worth. 

Professional Services 

Cobalt PacWest assists successful Southern California professional service providers including real estate professionals, attorneys and wealth managers operating as an S-corporation and/or operating as an employee of a leading organization maximize their unlimited earnings potential, efficiently manage their financial affairs and optimize tax efficiency at levels enhancing and protecting their net worth.  


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