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About Us

Cobalt PacWest | CPAs & Tax Advisors specializes in providing strategic tax advisory, tax preparation and consulting services to high-net individuals and closely held business entities headquartered in California with quality, integrity and world-class service excellence. 

Clients include executives and professionals with leading technology companies, physicians and owners/entrepreneurs of the s-corporations, partnerships and LLCs they influence and control with the intending to optimize growth, revenues and tax savings effectiveness, and enhancing shareholder/partner wealth.  

We maintain a high standard of excellence in all that we do, and establish long-term relationships based on mutual trust with our every client. We update and refine tax projections, and the effective tax rates and tax cash outflows  our clients are on track to achieve quarterly, to ensure the stay on track to achieve full year potential. We also welcome and encourage our clients to contact us in advance of making decisions with potential tax implications throughout the year, as are often able to advise our clients on alternative options to achieve their goal with a more attract impact on their tax position. 

Whether you are motivated to reduce 2022/2023 effective tax rates and increase tax savings, have an urgent tax matter, would value a third-party review or looking for a new long-term trusted tax advisor, you are in the right place.  Schedule a consultation or strategy session to get our conversation started.

We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you. 

Welcome to Cobalt PacWest.