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Closely-held Businesses

S-corporations, LLCs and partnerships are the foundation of our business practice. As such, we have in-depth knowledge of all aspects multi-year tax planning and tax preparation for these pass-through business entities and entity shareholders, members, and partners from pre-launch to liquidation. 

We look forward to collaborating with you to understand planning opportunities and pitfalls, guide you in executing smart, timely and effective financial and business decisions, and optimize your personal wealth building and tax savings potential. 

 Services we provide include:

  • Legal Entity Selection

  • Layered Business Structures for Tax Efficiency, Flexibility and Protection

  • S-corporation Elections (even late elections)

  • Federal Return Preparation 

  • State Return Preparation

  • Specific Tax Analysis
    • 199A & CA PTE Tax Deduction Planning 

    • Retirement Savings Optimization

    • Compensation Planning Analysis

    • Sec 179 and Bonus Depreciation Planning

    • Distribution and Liquidation Planning​

  • Financial Consulting 

  • Client Accounting Services​​


  • Real Estate 

  • Professional Services​

  • Technology & Digital Media

  • Hospitality & Retail​ 

  • Health & Fitness ​​​

  • Related Industries  

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