Business Meeting

Tax Strategy / Planning

for Individuals

Cobalt PacWest Advisors | CPAs leverages sophisticated expertise in simple-to-complex tax strategy/planning, in-depth understanding of tax laws, professional insight and state-of-the-art technologies to assist affluent individuals and closely-held business entities position for and achieve current and multi-year tax cash outflow and Federal and State effective tax rate minimization goals while remaining in  full compliance with Federal, single and multi-state tax laws.

Services include:

  • Tax strategy/planning

  • Multi-case & multi-state tax projections

  • Effective tax rate minimization 

  • Quarterbacking relationships with wealth/real estate advisors

  • Quarterly tax management 

Specialized expertise in areas including:

  • Incentive equity awards

  • Real estate rental properties

  • Concentrated stock positions

  • Primary/side pass-through business ownership

  • California exit planning

  • Job changes & transitions to retirement