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If you are committed to your financial future, and making smart, timely and effective decisions to minimize tax cash outflows and grow and protect your wealth, you are in the right place.


We invest significant time up-front getting to know our clients, discuss ideas and options relevant to their interests and financial position, design multi-case financial projections, and work with our clients quarterly to ensure they stay on track, and achieve year end goals. We prepare our client's tax return(s) locking in every deduction and credit planned for and deserved. Schedule a consultation and strategy session, and learn more. 

Who We Serve

  • Executives and Professionals

  • Board-certified Physicians & Healthcare Providers

  • Single and Multi-entity Business Owners 

    • S-corporation Shareholders

    • Partnership Partners

    • LLC Members

  • Real Estate Owners

  • Trustees

Services for Individuals and Families 

  • Multi-generational Strategic Tax Planning 

  • Multi-year Strategic Tax Planning

  • Tax Projections and Analysis

  • Quarterly Financial Reviews & Updates

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation 

  • 1041 Revocable Trust Tax Returns

  • 1041 Irrevocable Trust Tax Returns

  • FBAR Filings

Specialized Expertise

  • Tax advisory for S-corps shareholders

  • Tax advisory for partners

  • Tax advisory for LLC members

  • Tax advisory for real estate rentals 

  • Equity compensation tax planning

  • California exit planning