Strategic Tax Planning

Leveraging our ability to swiftly assess the current-state financial and tax structures and future-state potential for affluent individuals and closely-held business entities quantified by multi-scenario tax projections with an actionable roadmap to implement over the course of, on average, 6 months to 2 + years we are highly effective in assisting our clients maximize the tax benefits of company ownership and residential real estate rentals, and offset the steep tax consequences lucrative RSU equity award vesting (when applicable) at levels driving and federal and state 1040 effective tax rates down.  

  • Are you tracking and managing the effective tax rate and tax cash outflow figures you are on track to achieve in 2021 as closely as you are tracking gross income and revenue figure(s)? 

  • Are the 2021 effective tax rates and projected tax cash outflows you are on-track to achieve higher than you'd like them to be?

  • Did you re-prioritize life objectives and your financial structure due to Covid-induced shifts in the economic landscape and world of work?

  • Will you be impacted by the proposed 2022 Federal tax increase to 39.6% for singles ( $ 452,700 ) and married couples ( $ 509,300 ) ?​

  • Are you aware or ways to offset or lower taxable income when desired to, for example, control your marginal and capital gains tax rates or NIIT exposure or qualify for valuable deductions with income limits and thresholds?

  • In dollars, what is the value of a 4% reduction in your Federal effective tax rate?

  • Do you have or are you interested in having multiple income/revenue streams such as a side business entity, residential real estate rentals or other passive or active income streams if they will contribute to tax efficiency?

  • Is a few hours of your time worth $10 - 20,000 or more in tax cash outflow savings?


Effective Tax Rate Management 


Unlike most firms who limit projection work to once a year we find it essential to have conversations with our clients no less than quarterly to obtain updates, keep them abreast of tax developments, model new tax savings opportunities, update and refine multi-scenario tax projections and evaluate full-year tax cash outflows and effective tax rates they are on track to achieve vs. our Q 1  goal.

Without question, this service demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our clients stay on track, and focused on meeting and exceeding year end tax cash outflows, effective tax rate and tax efficiency goals. 

Does your CPA do that? We didn't think so.